We are a recognized Polish supplier of solutions for the industry. We combine the needs of customers with technologies available on the market. We do not impose solutions. We present the options for which we take responsibility.

Over the last two decades, we have built the trust of over 300 industrial plants in Poland, for which we provide services in the field of ensuring the continuity of supply of fittings.


We build long-term business relations by supporting technical investments and renovations related to the creation and modernization of pipeline systems in the industrial enterprises. We provide professional services in the area of selection, sale, delivery and reparation of armature, pumps and components of piping systems.



We aim for our Clients’ success. The position we want to achieve – the most frequently chosen supplier of industrial valves in every company that cooperates with us – depends on how well we understand and meet the expectations related to our offer.

We intend to implement our vision by gradually expanding the service and research offer, further developing the advisory staff and introducing innovative solutions in the field of pipeline systems..




The history of our company is determined by successive, logical stages of the development of our firm, brand and strategy of operation, consistent with our mission.historia

20 years in the industry




We have at our disposal a solid logistics base to complete almost any investment. Our own fleet of trucks allows us to reduce transportation costs and delivery timeframes.


We do not want numbers to motivate us.
In the first place, we set the values that determine the quality of our actions.



We want to build long-lasting relations with our Clients, based on professional Customer service, as well as contribute to the development of our closest environment. We want our contribution to local community life to be determined by: reliability, enthusiasm, optimism and openness, which we consider to be the mainstays of ARMA POMP. Furthermore, we are engaged in the promotion of sport, that combines all four values.

Our target group is the youth and local residents – we cooperate with sports clubs supporting their activities. We are happy to promote sport activities that are so important for the health and quality of life.


High quality and professionalism are our priorities, which is why we have implemented
the ISO 9001 and PN-N-18001 safety, health and quality management systems.